Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jamie's April favorites

April blew by so fast and hard, that I wasn't sure I'd have many favorites. I'm happy to realize that I did. I'm still glad it's May though.

1. Going to a Warriors game with Jay, sharing an $11 beer, and running all the way to the back of the parking lot before anyone else (thanks to Big Cool's advice)
2. Donating art to Habilitat
3. The beach and the smiles in the Dominican Republic
4. Getting picked up at the airport by Jay and Devo
5. Having our house cleaned (a heavenly treat from Mom)
6. Making this green drink (surprisingly delicious)
7. Preparing for Open Studios
8. Mom's new strawberry cake
9. Rock of Love finale
10. Kimberly's baby shower
11. Discovering the larb gai at Sirayvah Organic Thai
12. Watching Karate Kid on TV
13. Jay in the kitchen, doing the musical and physical imitation of Punched
14. Googly Eyes Gardner with Christopher Walken
15. Sharing a Godfather deli sandwich with Jay, then listening to the Transplant Song
16. Meeting Abraham
17. Jay handing me a shot of whiskey in the shower

Happy May!


Clare said...

#17 is RAD

Ana said...

love your lists...they always inspire me...and make me giggle!