Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Hallows

Marie Leveau's tomb at St. Louis Cemetary #1

Mr. Price, I will always love your voice.

Night of the Living Dead by George Romero, 1968

Zombies are relentlessly driven to kill and eat and are far more dangerous in large groups.

Night Falls

Night Falls...

The forest holds its breath
Everything is still...

Witches wail
Witches cackle
A black cat cries at the moon

It is Halloween.

The Golden Arm

"Where is my golden arm? Wherrrre is my golden aarrrmmm!"

My Favorite Halloween Things

* Vincent Price
* Zombies
* Vampires
* New Orleans cemetaries and voodoo
* Scary stories that my dad tells, like The lady with the broken neck
* Horror recordings and sounds
* Scary movies, like Salem's Lot and The Headless Horseman
* Waxed lips

I will leave you with the scene that would force my brother and I to sleep in our parent's room. Yes, it's the scratching the window scene from Salem's Lot. Have a spoohoohoohooooky night!


Jessica said...

This is a stellar post. I am way too freaked out to watch the YouTube clip of that scary scene. The zombies picture alone will give me nightmares for weeks! I bet Jaden & Jeff will watch it though. :O

missmobtown said...

... and that is why we sleep with the curtains drawn shut, children!!

Have you ever read Salem's Lot? SO good! I re-read The Tommyknockers a couple of years ago, and it really held up. Silly scary fun.

Thanks for your note and photo! A return package is headed your way ;)