Thursday, October 11, 2007

I heart Etsy

Palmeri Sign Earrings by sulu-design

Leilani by BeadGalDesigns

Pineapple handpulled woodcut on rice paper by DCutter

I heart Etsy. This is echoed far and wide, I know! The pictured items are ones that I have purchased. sulu-design is based in Portland (she has a delightful blog!), BeadGalDesigns is in Florida, and DCutter is an artist in Puerto Rico. Such a wonderful community. Thanks to Shari for first telling me about it! And here's to you Miss Rosina Red, who designed all my gorgeous wedding stationary and will have her very own shop there this Fall (OK, it's a double-dare for me to try to do a shop as!).


Shari said...

Ahhh... Etsy. Love it. Want to marry it. (Oops... already married. Well, maybe just a little secret tryst with it.) :0)

Here are my new latest loves from that site...

This ring handmade just for me:

And these awesome pendants:

I can spend hours wandering all over this site.

Happy shopping!

sulu-design said...

Thanks so much for the mention here.
I love the pineapple invitations - just lovely.
Etsy really is amazing!

Jess said...

I heart Etsy too and I read Sulu-Design multiple times a week. I only wish I wore earrings! Ack. Jamie, we can do it, we can do it. We need to create some time to create some product for our shops! Shops, neat!

Jamie Welsh said...

Blogger cut Shari's etsy links short, so wanted to repost them here, so you can see what she purchased: