Tuesday, August 07, 2007

43 Things

Jess inspired me to make this list of 43 goals, followed by Clare. My chiropractor told me he does a list of 100 each year. I always wanted to do it, and figured it's easier to start out with 43. At first, you wonder what to write. Then you get over a hump and you could go on and on! I stuck with 43 for this posting, but may keep going at home, because you know what? Goals are awesome! They make life so much more fun.

I remember going for years without goals. I really felt like I was missing something. I invite anyone to try this and keep your list in a special place...at the end of this year you will find that you have scratched things off. Some can roll over 'til next year, and you will add new ones that you never would have thought of today. Isn't that fun?

43 things

1. Have my own business – a t-shirt & lifestyle company
2. Figure out what the lifestyle part means
3. Figure out how to open my own business
4. Find out where Johnson Motors Inc. gets their t-shirts, because they're the best quality
5. Find a designer to work with on the t-shirts
6. Study up on how to have a business
7. Get back in the studio and make lots of delicious prints
8. Get outside and get fresh air and sunshine, each and every day
9. Run like the wind and swim like a fish!
10. Always take great care of my teeth, insides, skin, brain & emotions
11. Read several hours of a book each week
12. Make good dinners every week
13. Do a great job at work
14. Make sure I get all the rest I need and not schedule too many things
15. Make regular time for my studio
16. Buy land on one of the Hawaiian islands
17. Take vacations in Hawaii to figure out which island to buy land on
18. Buy a house in California. Maybe Half Moon Bay area.
19. Have a healthy baby next year! Twins would be interesting!
20. Keep the honeymoon alive
21. Show my happiness to Jay, Devo, family, friends and strangers
22. Let myself feel like I can do anything!
23. Keep up my blog, it’s so much fun!
24. Go to Alaska with Jay
25. Take my Mom on a special trip
26. Make lots of money and save lots of money
27. Visit Europe with Jay
28. Learn Spanish and travel through Central and South America
29. Start collecting vintage surf movie posters
30. Frame my prints and hang them in the house
31. Frame Jay’s prints and hang them in the house
32. Help Jay with his business
33. Get a big studio with Jay
34. Get out of my safety zone in life and expand!
35. Look like Michelle Pfeiffer when I’m 49
36. Decorate the backyard really cute for our wedding reception
37. Play the guitar, and have 10 songs I can play at any time
38. Make my clothes a little more edgy
39. Have a fantastic jewelry collection, some of which I have designed
40. Visit my Grandma in San Diego this Fall, with Jay
41. Get my prints in galleries
42. Grow a very amazing and fertile garden
43. Learn to bake pies!


kate said...

you may have just inspired me to write my own list. i've heard that if you put your intentions/goals down on paper, it puts them out there in the universe and before you know it, they start to happen. I did this once a couple of years ago and i know i accomplished some of the things but I need to go back and see what else may have been done on that old list. It may help to jump start the new list too.

the other great thing about having a goals list is that then your friends can read it and may be able to help or support you in reaching them. ...so, if you ever want to have a pie baking party, just let me know ;)

Jamie Welsh said...

Thank you Kate. I would truly love to have a pie-baking party. Behold one of the many talents of Kate: http://katefarrall.blogspot.com/2007/06/pie-time.html