Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cruising Lake Tahoe

This could be you

We recently returned from a long weekend in Lake Tahoe, CA. Crisp and in the 30s at night, warming up to 70 during the day. The lake was the calmest I'd ever seen. In 3 days we went sailing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. I was in heaven. Oh yes, I did fall off of my paddleboard once when a tiny wake came through from a nearby speedboat. That 53 degree water was very refreshing! I think I'm generally a little off balance now that my belly is a lot bigger.

Isn't it amazing that there's something about nature that rights your mind and calms every cell in your body? I just have to remember it's always there for us.


sulu-design said...

Rights your mind and calms every cell in your body... totally. What an amazing, amazing photo.

Bill said...

Growing up at Tahoe is what lets me now stay in trunks 9 months a year

When I describe where I currently live (San Diego)I still say "down here" although I have been "down here" 23 years.

The water in the lake is soooo nice just as in the photo