Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pelican Point

On a recent Friday evening, we spontaneously went over the hill and took a walk at Pelican Point, followed by dinner at Sushi Main Street. Their Half Moon Bay roll has artichoke hearts, avocado and radish sprouts.

Here is another photo that Jay took after Devo and I climbed down from the rock.


Bill said...

Nice ...
congrats to you and yours on the little sprout

sulu-design said...

I just changed from Bloglines to Google Reader and found that I hadn't gotten news of your last several posts. Congratulations to you and Jay! How exciting! And how beautiful are these photos? I'm so happy for you two.

e. said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Got the print and the goodies today.
Had a big opening ceremony with the boy and he studiously pointed out every color.
Hanging ceremony this weekend at some point.
And thanks for the extra goodies!
We'll see if he can fill up the sketchbook with scribbles tout suite.


ëLMíN said...

Luv that pics

Mariss said...

Breathtaking scenery! But more importantly, you look gorgeous, and your dog is such a cutie! Hope you're feeling good and enjoying your pregnancy.

Big hugs, Mariss