Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rainbowlogical at Corduroy

Rainbowlogical. Opening tomorrow night at Corduroy Surf Boutique & Gallery in Portland, Maine. There will be a variety of colorful things to eat and drink and a collection of new works from 7 amazing artists that span all the colors of the rainbow.

I wish I could be there in person - such a unique concept - each artist gets a color of the rainbow. I am representing the color violet. It was an exciting challenge as I don't typically use violet in my work. But I like how it all came out. Pictures to come and thanks to Tyler and Corduroy for including me in this rad show. I'm stoked to be in the company of these artists. Check them out and the colors they represent:

Nick Z - Red
Brandon McLean - Orange
Linda Meyers - Yellow
Katrine Hildebrandt - Green
John Fellows - Blue
Mark Warren Jacques - Indigo
Jamie Watson - Violet

Rainbows are freakin' cool.


Rebecca Olive said...

Awesome idea!!


Jessica Nichols said...

You're freakin' cool too.

Wheardo said...

That looks like an ace show, wish the Atlantic didn't separate me from Maine!
Talking of rainbows, I'm in love with the surf skate art love print but I see your shop doesn't ship to the UK? Can I get one sent to a friend in the USA to ship over and pay with a british paypal account?