Friday, July 09, 2010

Surf Fridays!

Contest 66 by Norm Daniels

Blue Green Surf Girl by David Lloyd

After the Storm, San Onofre by Larry Iwerks

Liquid Jollies by Spencer Reynolds

Heading Home by Ron Croci

Hang Ten by Vincenzo Ganadu

Descent Into the Abyss by Ken Auster

Blue Lip by Wade Koniakowsky

Secret Spot #2 by Victor Kerpel

These are my favorite paintings from The Art of Surfing 2008 - Longboard Magazine. The mag folded the next year, but their art issues were so cool because they dedicated tons of pages to it.


Watson said...

Great post. All of this is so much cooler than surf photography. Love it.

Rebecca Olive said...

You always find the greatest things that alwaysleave me inspired.

Thanks Jamie!

Vyusher La Kali said...

Excellent post today! Thanks for the stoke..

chelsea said...

I am still so bummed about Longboard the art. Thanks for sharing.

Ramsnake said...

So hard to portray a wave well and there are some crackers here! Most inspiring!

KG Fotos said...

Truly inspiring! Great post!

Anonymous said...

blacks, very nice, awesome painting