Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fans of Cher Pendarvis - Place Your Orders!

The great news is that the interview I did with Cher Pendarvis last year has been picked up by a very fine Australian publication called Kurungabaa: a journal of literature, history and stories from the sea.

This new issue is full of words, art, and images from emerging artist around the world, and includes a DVD of three Australian short films.

The cutoff date is to place your order is July 10th. It is a not-for-profit publication that only prints as many as are pre-ordered.

last issue of Kurungabaa

A little shout out to Rebecca Olive, whom many of you know from the surf blogging community. She is a writer for Kurungabaa and a dynamo of a woman who wants more women represented in Australian surf culture - and thus chose the Cher Pendarvis piece for the magazine. Thank you, Bec.

To order, go here now. I'd better place my order, too! Gosh it would be great if some U.S. surf shops stocked up on a few...

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Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Hi, Jamie, this is so nice. Thank you, and congratulations on the publishing of your story.
xoxo Cher