Friday, March 05, 2010

Surf Fridays!

I had these kids hanging up in my bathroom at my old house in 2003. They're not kids anymore. I don't know who the young man is, but don't you just love his stance? That's from an issue of Longboard Magazine.

And then there's Prue Jeffries showing that wave what's what.

Happy Surf Fridays all you good peeps. I am happy we're all in this life together.


update: That's Zander Hartman from Malibu; thanks to Worm for the ID.


Watson said...

I remember seeing that top dog when you lived in Portola Valley. I brushed my teeth looking at that photo.

Kev's DWBH said...

That kid has a great stance!

Worm said...

it's zander hartman.

Jessica Nichols said...

The image of Zander is rad and Zander is a rad name.