Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art and Freedom

I really dig this print by Mark Warren Jacques. I found it in the back of Surfing Magazine. Mark lives in Portland, Oregon and is a member of the Together Gallery collective in the Alberta Arts District. He's going on a nomadic tour throughout California with an artist friend of his and they want to inspire others to find creativity, optimism and freedom in their own lives. Groovy stuff.


Anonymous said...

Yep Alberta's my hood, see Mark around all the time. You should come check it out sometime. Lotsa good stuff going on fer sure.

turtle said...

yea yea yea,
like last thursday's,
taqueria seniorita,
and the soaking pools!!!

sulu-design said...

Cool! I work on Alberta and haven't been in Together for the longest time. I'll have to swing in - I love this print.

Toddy said...

Yes, this is great.

Glenn said...

Gorgeous. You have good taste in art, Jamie!