Thursday, March 04, 2010

Style for Miles

From Issue #65 of Juice Magazine

When did you first ride the Arizona pipes? It was 1977. It was a whole group of us that went - Stacy Peralta, Tom "Wally" Inouye, Waldo Autry, Gregg Weaver, Scott Williams, Bob Biniak, Warren Bolster and me. I was the only girl. It was amazing. It was really a phenomenal group of skaters. We went in search of those pipes not knowing if we would actually find them, let alone be able to get to them without being caught and kicked out.

That was the first time that a well-known group of pro skaters had gone to skate them with a photographer. We all got on a plane and rented cars and went in search of something amazing. When they came into view out in the distance, it was just insane. The closer we got, the bigger they became. It was really surreal. The car was rocking and everyone was losing their minds.

As we got to them, everyone just kind of scattered with their bag of boards. There were so many sections that everyone just took their own section. It was unbelievable.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I've seen an nearly identical shot of Stacy Peralta doing the hair spin (3rd photo). This chick rocks.

Surfsister said...

Rule it, Laura Thornhill!!!

BuenoBueno said...

i was gonna say the same thing about stacy peralta!
they are so rockin!!!
love it