Friday, January 29, 2010

Surf Fridays!

Snapshot I took of Steamer Lane in May, 2005

Jay and I are in the midst of attending nearly every flick at the San Francisco Film Noir Festival. These movies are priceless and the sold out crowds at the Castro really make it fun. Any other noir fans out there?

Hopefully we'll get water logged on Sunday, though sadly we won't be going to Half Moon Bay due to this recent spill. Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation for keeping us informed. I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend.


Gina said...

cool picture! i went to the sundance film festival last year and loved every minute of it. have fun!

kiki said...

Beautiful photo! I was just enjoying your blog and now I'm following! My boyfriend and I are bay area people too and have been wanting to learn to surf. i have been a few times but would like to make it a more regular activity, we are intimidated by the cold waters but i found your site inspiring!

sealaura said...

gorgeous picture. i love the oink contrasting with the ocean.