Friday, January 15, 2010

Surf Fridays!

A few facts about a great surfer and shaper, David Nuuhiwa...

- David is one of the best and most graceful noseriders in the world.
- He was born in Honolulu in 1948 and moved to Southern California as a young teenager.
- As a youngster he surfed with Donald Takayama and quickly became an underground sensation.
- He's 6'2 and his nickname is the Flyin Hawaiian.
- His noserides could last up to 15 seconds at a time.
- He was ahead of his time in his experimentation with fish designs.
- David hung out with Jimi Hendrix in Maui while making the psychedelic film, Rainbow Bridge.
- In the future, David would like to see surf contests giving more money to charities.
- He would like to have an "old dudes" surf tour like the golfers have.
- You can have a one-on-one surf and coaching session with David in Orange County.
- You can see more of David longboarding in this vintage clip.

It would be cool to see a future interview with David Nuuhiwa on Liquid Salt (hint, hint).

Have a great weekend everyone!


Update Jan. 26: yesss! Brand new interview with David Nuuhiwa on Liquid Salt. Check it! Great minds think alike, Glenn.


Mariss said...

He makes it look so effortless. I love the idea of the Old Dudes surf tour, and giving more money to charity for competitions :)

Glenn said...

Love David Nuuhiwa! A real classic.

Rebecca Olive said...

I heart Surf Fridays, Jamie!!

Toddy said...

Yeah classy guy.

Anonymous said...

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