Monday, January 25, 2010

My Favorite GoPro Videos

Cyrus filming for "Stoked and Broke" from Korduroy.

That little video was too short! What a tease. I can't wait to see that movie. Stoked and Broke. I love that title.

Here's my other favorite GoPro vid, by Christian Wach. I love how it starts underwater in some sea grass and the whole thing reminds me of a sweet summer love story.

Christian & Cyrus not only have mad surf and film skills, they're also fantastic at picking out a sublime tune.

GOLD from Christian Wach.


pranaglider said...

The Cyrus video is unreal really like the music too!
I was going to post it on 23B tomorrow but you beat me to it ;)

Michael Singman-Aste said...

FYI, my mom is on Kawai'i right now and hasn't been in the water or to a luau! WTF?!?

The Monocle Regard said...

Sick shots