Friday, November 20, 2009

Buttons Kaluhiokalani - Surf Fridays!

Aloha from the island of Oahu! Jay and I spent a couple of days surfing in Waikiki and I am proud to say that on Wednesday, we surfed twice in one day. And yesterday was my birthday, and I got to surf. It was the very first time I've ever surfed on my birthday.

I am very happy here. We drove to the North Shore yesterday afternoon and are in awe of its beauty. We are staying in a beautiful cottage that comes with two bicycles and on the property there are two sheep, some chickens and a cat. The roosters start crowing before the light breaks, but we don't mind. And, I just ate some fresh pineapple.

I am pretty excited so I have to tell you that just a couple of hours ago, we went to Ted's Bakery and ran into our wedding photographer, Adam Palmer. This was after I read a book in our cottage last night about the North Shore, and then noticed that he was the photographer! Adam had the day off and was taking his kids to jump off the rock at Waimea.

Oh yes, we ran into Jay Adams at Ted's, too! But just before we stopped in the bakery for that chocolate haupia cream pie, we spent a little time on the beach with Buttons Kaluhiokalani.

Buttons and Jamie 
photo by Jay Watson

Buttons is an open, kind and generous person. Here we are at Backyards this morning. Very windy. I think it was a good hair day for Buttons, but not for me.

Now, Jay and I are going to go check out Velzyland, Pipe and maybe take a jump off of "da big rock". Reporting from the North Shore, this is PLuv wishing you much Aloha and a very happy Surf Fridays.

p.s. To see what Buttons has been up to lately, check out this great interview on Liquid Salt.


Surfsister said...

"I think it was a good hair day for Buttons". That is so priceless. I've always been fascinated by his hair. Of course, the young Surfsister hadn't realized that Buttons is black. I didn't know that until I read—actually, I edited it—that interview in Liquid Salt. Good hair day? Girl, you're hysterical. That's the same thing one could say about my hair. It looks the same every day . . . and is all over my head!

Catch a wave for me!

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

HI, Jamie,
We're so stoked that you and Jay are enjoying Oahu and relaxing in her beauty. And Happy, Happy Birthday! Aloha. Much love, Cher and Steve

ashley said...

happy birthday! sounds like your having a wonderful time, as you should! what a great way to start another year of your life! live it up.

and thanks, this just made me way home sick!

Jessica Nichols said...

Wow, fantastic! I haven't even read the post yet but too excited to wait to comment! How totally rad Jamie!

Jessica Nichols said...

Okay now I've read it and I simply feel super happy inside. Stoked to get a PLuv report from the North Shore. Miss you! Please please take a picture of the two bikes and the two sheep for me.

Glenn Sakamoto said...

Happy Birthday! And what a way to spend your special day.

I'm so glad you and Jay were able to hook up with Buttons!

Thanks for the 'report' from da islands!

BuenoBueno said...

i love oahu. i have friends there and you make me miss it! Ted's is the best! and how cool to run into Jay Adams!
I am going to buy one of your posters so cool!

BuenoBueno said...

oh and Happy Bday!

pushingtide said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Luv!

You meet Jay Adams, get a pic with Buttons, and Pendo comments on your blog.

You are the best!

Gaz said...

Sweet day! Tomorrow the surf gets big on the NS, get ready to hoot your brains out!

organik said...

wen i was young , a have a hair similar buttins , and use a colorur board like him . hehehe
I`m really stoked , this post make me fell as my young days .


Le Vyusher said...

I am so happy for you! I bet it's just the best trip! Stoked! I hope you have a wonderful time and many safe and stoke-filled travels!

sulu-design said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jamie! I hope you're enjoying an awesome trip.

Jay's photos from the last were amazing, as was the interview. Based on his answers, he can make me a mix-tape (or the 2009 version of one) anytime!

Surfsister said...

My goodness, his body is slamming. He makes 50 (and older) look damn sexy. (I do realize his face shows the years he spent as an addict, but his body sure doesn't!!)

Tell Buttons that I said he's a "sexy beast" (a term I fell in love with after seeing a quirky movie of the same title when I was pregnant with my little man).

Maggie said...

Ah...what a great post Jamie! have some poi for me! :)

Mariss said...

I forgot we are birthday twins! Yay :) It sounds like you had an AMAZING birthday. Enjoy the rest of your visit. My mom went to college at U of H in the late 60s, and loved her time there. Big hugs!

P.S. Buttons looks way cool, and I agree, very hot for 50! Dang!

adam said...

So great to see you two again. Congrats on the anniversary!

e. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Q.Purple said...

this is Q.Peeps checking in from mexicolandia. wow. i think you broke my internets connection with this post. first happy birthday second, Jay Adams? Third, Buttons?!!!! oh my. Buttons is the man. That Jeff Divine photo is in my all time favorites, glad to see he's a classy dude and that you are such a rad person that you had enough cajones to talk with him. super cool.

wishing you guys the raddest trip. Q.Peeps out.

rebeccajane said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Nov 19 is a rocking date!!