Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November is a Good Month for Magazine Covers

Issue 289 of Surfing World Magazine - Australia's oldest surfing magazine, since 1962. Illustration by Oscar "Ozzie" Wright. Beautiful magazine.

The Guest Editor Issue of Surfer, November 2009. I love this cover of Ryan Burch. Photo by Todd Glaser. Joel Tudor does a bang up job, everything stood out to me. Very artistic. Inside cover says, "Surfing is so diverse; for everyone it has a different meaning and purpose in their lives. For me surfing is a tribe, not a f--king sport. It's my family. I wanted to give readers a small taste of what inspires me every day, so this is a piece of my world." - Joel Tudor

updated to include an awesome cover of Nordic Surfer's Mag - illustration by the one and only Seamouse. Congratulations, Seamouse!


seamouse said...

Plus the November issue of Nordic Surfers Mag!

tres_arboles said...

I really like the Surfer cover. Unfortunately, it's the only worthwhile element of that whole issue. That magazine has gone from vanguard to nearly contentless in the last decade.

luna1 said...

I really enjoyed Surfing World back in the early 70's when Bruce Channon was the editor. Most issues would have a couple of full page art works by Hugh McLeod, SW's then designer/photographer.