Friday, November 13, 2009

Surf Fridays!

all photos © Jay Watson Photography

PineappleLuv was very impressed with some blog posts this week from a handsome and talented photographer by the name of Jay Watson. It's a gorgeous series depicting Northern California surfers during "Our Only Summer Swell". I decided to do this interview in person, over leftover Chinese food. And it was all business - there was no kissing or hand-holding.

Jay, what are some nicknames you have?

Juice, JDub, J-dawg. And my dad calls me Buck.

What are the best few songs you've heard in the past few days?

My Kingdom, Echo & the Bunnymen; Caribou, The Pixies; Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Old Dirty Bastard.

Why does classical music make you "hyper"?

Because it's associated with being soothing and because I don't like that style of music, it makes me want to break something.

What is your favorite iPhone app besides email? They're all tools. With the Wordpress app I can update my blog. I use SportsTap for NBA scores. Shazam is crazy technology. I can't believe it actually works.

What are some things you've always wanted to do that you've never done before?

- Ride a horse while shooting a gun
- Steal a car while shooting a gun out the side of a window while turning a corner with the wheels screeching
- A 24 hour solo mountain bike race
- I want to be sent to Japan for work
- And build a log cabin.

Do you have a favorite shot from your series this week?

Probably the overhead shot of the little grommet climbing down the cliff.

You are going to Oahu next week. What are you most excited about?


What is your favorite meal that I cook?

That arugula rice dish or the chicken lime soup.

Most influential photographer that you've never met?

Robert Frank.

I was going to ask you what equipment you are using these days, but instead I want to hear something you talked about recently - about how "what" you are shooting with doesn't matter...

I hate how photographers get obsessed with the tools. Filmmakers and photographers are like that but other artists aren't. I don't like the purity of "Oh it's film or it's digital". They're just tools. I could go on, but it's almost as simple as that.

What is the most fun shoot you've ever been on?

Probably something for Garage Magazine. Maybe Bobby Green at the El Mirage Desert. Such a beautiful place, amazing light and car...

Do you have anything fun planned for your interviewer this weekend?

We have to pack!


Thanks J-dawg. Currently you can catch Jay's work in the November issue of Inked Magazine - the Freddy Corbin feature.


Surfsister said...

Wonderful interview!!

Rumor has it this photographer might be willing to do a tintype of some woman with weird hair and three gigantic scars on her left knee.

This was the best interview ever. It's all over the place. I love that. It's the kind of thing you would only see from people who know each other well and love each other very much.

nm said...

i'm with sis....great interview!

and in case i forget....Happy Birthday Miss Luv! :)

Handyman Negri said...


What a great interview!

J-dawg forgot to mention two other nick-names: "Gumba" and "Buck Wheat."

Let's hope Jay never gets stuck in an elevator that has classical music piped in. If so, it sounds like Jay would get those elevator dors open in a "Photo-Flash."

Patch said...

I love the comment about "They're just tools". I couldn't agree more.

My favorite shot of Jay's from that series is also the one where the kid is scaling the cliff, great capture.

Oahu awaits you, have fun.


Jessica Nichols said...

This was fantastic! I am only bummed I didn't see it when it was hot off the presses. Jay is truly one of a kind, I can't believe I'm lucky enough to live on earth at the same time as him. What a character! I love him!

Chris Brown said...

Man, that's some beautiful work. We need to get him in Refueled, right?

Peace & Love.

Glenn Sakamoto said...

Loved this interview! Now I have to think of some different questions...

ashley said...

ha! great pics, greater interview!

i am so bummed that i will not be there to meet up with you guys! i hope you have an epic time on the north shore- ah, i really wish i could "show you around" ;) can't wait to see pics and read the tales you will tell! have so much fun and get lots and lots of good waves!

seamouse said...

you guys are kooks in the best possible way. Loved it. So... Will Jay be interviewing you on his blog?

Hye Tyde said...

Best surf Friday ever!

Santos SurfArt said...

Great Jamie!
Have fun in Oahu and say hi to Sunset Beach for me : )

Santos SurfArt said...

Great Jamie!
Have fun in Oahu and say hi to Sunset Beach for me : )

chelsea said...

What amazing pictures! The second to last (the longboarder) makes me salivate at the mouth for surfing...

gente de buena calidad said...

oh my. i think the time space continuum just folded in on itself donnie darko style. wicked pics Jay, and Jamie, I can't believe it took this long to get Jay on the blog. brilliant interview, but the i was blushing at the the pda between the lines, don't even think we didn't see that.

love you guys like whut. have a radtacular time in hawaii. i wish i could stow away in your luggage. well, can i?

Iván Osío said...

thanks for writing in my blog, aloha from canary islands, you have the best blog i like.

kiyoshi said...

thankyou for your comment!
nice blog and arts!
will read more.

Candi said...

WOW talent really runs in this marriage! You're both so talented, it's pitiful!!! :)

Thanks for the comment on Mr. Freddy. He's quite the handful, but I think it's worth it? ;)

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