Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great Party in San Diego Tonight!

I love this poster! Who shot it and came up with the idea? I tried to ask Chris at Surfindian but he is probably too busy setting up the party. I so wish I could go to this tonight. Now I know firsthand that Chris Rule and Masa Rogers at the Surfindian know how to throw a great art opening and party. Say hi to Kai for me! (Coolest security guy ever).

Kassia's artwork is truly amazing. I loved this piece she donated to the Mattson Benefit. Huge, mixed media on wood. She has a website for her photography and a blog that she keeps current. I love the portraits that Liz Cockrum shot of her.

As for Chris del Moro, I'd love to see his work (click that link and check out slide 15; ladies, check out slide 18). From the Surfindian description: Chris is well-known for both his surfing and art abilities (you saw him in The Present riding alaias with Dave Rastovich). Chris will be showing a collection of mixed media original art featuring wood carvings, block prints and paintings. They will also offer two custom Bing surfboards featuring original paintings by Chris, and two wood-burnt alaias.

For the address and all that, check out the Surfindian website. Stay Classy, San Diego!


update: a few photos from the show on Surfline.

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