Monday, September 14, 2009

From the mouth of Ryan Burch

My favorite quote right now is from Ryan Burch in Tom's Creation Plantation. (And you can apply this quote to making anything). Ryan is a young, insanely talented surfer, who started shaping his own boards and makes Alaia riding look like a piece of cake.

"We come from a generation where we can go to Wal-Mart and buy anything we need usually. Or, Costco is selling surfboards - let's learn how to surf.

It's not like the old days...people became craftsmen because when they were kids, they got tools to make their own toys.

(At this moment in the film, Ryan is smiling while making an Alaia).

We're trying to do it now. We're falling rather short, compared to what people have done in the past, but we're having fun doing it. And by having fun doing it, we're gonna get better at it eventually."


Maggie said...

Ahhh that kid is sooo great. He's got the world at his fingertips!

Jamie Watson said...

Sure seems like it, Maggie. Also I saw your sweet shots of him on your Flickr. Really nice!

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Yes, Ryan is very gifted and a gracious person, too. I'm so excited these young folks are going for it with their creativity. So stoked for them, actually for all of us, who love to create, explore, and build things.
Aloha, Cher

Anonymous said...

Smart guy! Having fun when your creating is the key element!

Mariss said...

I enjoyed watching his moves ;) Pretty awesome quote too. I agree wholeheartedly!

On a similar note, we were just discussing how great it was to make up Halloween costumes as kids, not buying them, but using your imagination to create something.

angry said...

...not only from hypsters world lives