Monday, September 14, 2009

...good song though

One of the funniest and worst things about YouTube are the comments:

"i'd like to punch them all in the face, especially the singer

good song though"

The Drums are from Brooklyn. New York's answer to the Japanese Motors? That's never fair to say, is it. Damn, I've hit replay 3 times. It's catchy. And they look FUN.


update: thanks Eddie Money! Free download of the tune here.


Edmundo Fladonski said...

you made my very-sicky-head-coldy-snot-gliding-out-of-my-nose-on-to-my-keyboard-about-to-take-a-big-dose-of-Nyquil day with this track

Jessica Nichols said...

you made my after-walking-uphill-it-took-me-an-hour-to-find-my-crazy-dog-and-make-a-simple-cup-of-coffee morning with this FUN video. ;)

Jamie Watson said...

you guys are so creative, you both made me smile-and-I've-listened-to-this-song-at-least-12-times-don't-tell-anyone.

Dub said...

Best You Tube comment ever! But where's the surfing? Ya know, at least some heads hanging 10 out at Rockaway.

nm said...

I's catchy. And...apart from the icky jeans they're wearing...they look FUN. (god I'm old...)