Friday, December 05, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Aloha and Happy Surf Fridays!

I hope you are all doing great. I've had a touch of writer's slump so I thought it would be nice to simply feature photos today - but not just any photos...

You may already know that the entire Life magazine archive was posted online a few weeks ago, hosted by Google. It dates back to the 1860s but it mostly covers the 20th century with never-before-seen images of any historic topic you can think of.

If you have the time and inclination, the surfing shots of the 1960s are pure eye candy. Please enjoy a few here, and I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

update: Only 1/3 of the Life images are available now. It will take two more years before all of the images are online. So...there will be a lot more surf images to look forward to!

P.S. There is a fun interview all lined up for next Wednesday and most of you already know this interesting see you next week. xo

Beach bum Jim Elliott waiting for a friend
to put his surfboard into the water for him
1950 - San Onofre, CA
Photographer: Loomis Dean

Beach bum Jim Elliott tossing his crutches aside
as he prepares to go out on his surfboard
1950 - San Onofre, CA
Photographer: Loomis Dean

Youths heading to the beach to surf
1961 - US
Photographer: Allen Grant

A surfrider surfing
1961 - CA, US
Photographer: Allen Grant

Surfboard rider racing into the water with board
in relay race at International Surf Festival
1965 - Manhattan Beach, CA
Photographer: Ralph Crane

Editor of Surfer Magazine John Severson on surf board
with wife and two daughters
1966 - San Clemente, CA
Photographer: Bill Ray

John Severson talking with enthusiasts of the sport
1966 - San Clemente, CA
Photographer: Bill Ray

John Severson is rammed by a board as he attempts to take a picture
1966 - CA
Photographer: Bill Ray

John Severson talking with art editor Leo Bestgen about layout
1966 - San Clemente, CA
Photographer: Bill Ray


Anonymous said...

Great pictures my friend! :)

Thank you for your good vibes, I'm pretty calm today (surprisingly.) Just hope I'm this way manana!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Mrs.French said...

I need to check the archive out...can't believe I haven't yet..these are awesome and just what I would have imagined you would pick out! xo t

resintint said...

Great photos.
And thanks for the hot tip on
the archives!

LINDSAY said...

I love vintage photos! These are awesome Jamie.

*Do yourself a favor and make those cupcakes :)

pushingtide said...

Amazing find Mrs. Luv!

"Beach bum Jim Elliott..." yeah, some bum, he is just sitting around eating doritoes and watching the tube. yep, he's a bum.

Beach Bum said...

I stumbled on your pineapple place via the scoop on your interview with Patchie that the folks at 70% mentioned. Great blog dude so I'm obliged to list you under Beach Bum's best bloggers over at my place. Will have to use that shot of the bloke on crutches - absolutely priceless. Have a great 2009 and Cheers from Cornwall, UK. BB

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Leo Bestgen in Costa Mesa in the late 50's and wonder if he is still around. My name is Bob Briscoe and my email is

Anonymous said...

Leo Bestgen passed away back in 2002 of a heart attack. For many years up to that point he'd been a very popular illustrator for Road & Track Magazine. And, he was a great guy too!