Friday, June 20, 2008

Surf Fridays!

International Surfing Day! That's what today is!

I have to go pack my stuff and then we're headed to Santa Cruz. Surf breakfast today consisted of granola with raspberries and sliced white peaches on top. Should probably eat an egg too.

But I wanted to leave you with a little surfing, art and music. It all relates. There's an amazing community that I am increasingly attracted to and feel a part of. Below is a slideshow from last Friday's art opening at Mollusk. The artist is Serena Mitnik-Miller and I loved her work in person. I met her briefly at the show and she was very sweet. What a great vibe that Mollusk shop has too.

I bought an amazing surf film there that night - Sprout. For anyone who has never seen it, I can't recommended it enough. And if you collect surf films, you have to own this one. Here is a little clip by the director of the film, Thomas Campbell. The music playing is by Tommy Guerrero, who I mentioned in yesterday's post.

Hope you're enjoying this groove and I hope all the surfers out there get to paddle out and feel yet again how lucky we are to have the beautiful ocean as our playground. Let's pick up some trash on the way back too. And say hi to the birds!

I haven't surfed in awhile, but I'll do my best to catch a wave for all of you.

xoxo Jamie


seamouse said...

I made sure i said hi to the birds while surfing today.

Congratulations on becoming the nicest person in surf blog land.

pushingtide said...

Ms. Luv, did you enjoy the stylin's of the Mattson 2? You are lucky to be livin' where you are livin'.

Ryan said...

boo yah. check out the prequel to the Sprout... the Seedling. Just as rad. New T.Moe flick coming... next year... heard it got delayed until then cuz of Paul Frank punking out on the funding. Not confirmed though, have a good weekend, off to Tahoe!

Mrs.French said...

Catch 2 for me...I want to learn how so badly.

Jessica said...

Didja catch any?