Monday, June 30, 2008


my table yesterday at Jenni's trunk show

getting up while the newspapers are still on the driveways

the stairs going down

and on the way back up

This past week was spent preparing for a trunk show at my friend Jenni's home. Once that was over, my head was spinning just a touch off its axis. I woke up super early this morning and practiced my new trick that helps keep me grounded. I ask myself what I desire most. The answers came pretty easily. Some of my basic desires are to be healthy and strong, to get in the water more, make more art, and for Jay and I to have our summer vacation in wilderness.

In the meantime, what could I do right now before heading to work? I desired to get up early while the newspapers where still on their driveways, and run to a set of hidden stairs that leads from one street down to another. I vowed to run up and down them 3 times and to do this every morning before walking the dog and enjoying my coffee. Of course, increasing the number of times as I progress. 3 times is hardly the stuff of Gabby Reece, say (my health idol).

This year especially, I have a deep craving to be around wild nature. Thoughts of Wyoming, Montana and Alaska are always with me. The best movie I've seen this year is the documentary of Dick Proenneke's time in Alaska where he builds himself a cabin and lives off of the land, testing himself to see if he's strong enough to withstand a winter and be alone for a year. It's so good that I just can't recommend it enough. This wholesome and profound movie, filmed in 1968, is called "Alone in the Wilderness".

Have you thought about your deepest desires lately? It feels so nice when I remember to. Because when I'm grounded, I know they'll come true.


Clare said...

I woiuld like to be thin again, be fitter, be financially independant, live in the south.

Mrs.French said...

You've inspired me...we have a nice set of steps by my house...when I get back from my trip I am going to do it!

We are alike in our vacation desires. Montana and Wyoming are 2 of my all time favorite spots...I am dying to go to Alaska! We are going to Whistler in August...I hope it measures up to the others...we'll see.

Jessica said...

Hooray for Jamie pictures again. :) Very inspring post. I will think about what I desire and report soon.