Friday, June 13, 2008

Surf Fridays!

Belinda Baggs, toes on the nose!
I saved this from Longboard Magazine, April 2003

In my last house, which I lived in with 2 other girls, I hung surf photos in my bathroom. I had a photo of Belinda Baggs riding toes on the nose in a short suit. I loved that photo because she looked graceful and inspiring. I would daydream, "Someday I'll ride like Belinda..." She's an Aussie, and her nickname is Bindy.

Belinda Baggs was born and raised in the working class neighborhoods of Newcastle, Australia. The only daughter of a surf-obsessed father, she says “she doesn’t remember back to when she learnt to ride waves just that it feels like she has always known how.”

At the age of 16 Bindy started competing in the Australian longboard circuit. In the years 2000 and 2002 she took first place, along with an assortment of final placings in the World longboard titles. Feeling constrained with the ‘high performance’ approach she was introduced to traditional ‘log’ riding by Malibu stylist and boyfriend Dane Peterson. To Bindy this was a breath of fresh air that opened up a whole new world to her. She became disinterested in contest surfing and dedicated her life to traveling the world in search of perfect point surf. She is also a women's surf ambassador for Patagonia.

Belinda and her dad, rinsing off
Photo Belinda Baggs collection

This is really fitting, since it's Father's Day this weekend. From Patagonia's blog, The Cleanest Line:

My dad is my hero! He is one of those people that can do everything: build a house, fix a car, glass a board, charge the biggest wave and love his family. His name is Phil but his mates call him Digby. He was born and bread in Newcastle, Australia and at 55 years old still lives there now. I am lucky enough to share with him his greatest passion: surfing. He started surfing on a '60s log, cut it down in the late '60s, rode a stubby through the '70s, lost his marbles on a mid-length during the '80s, and has found solitude once again on a 9’6” longboard.

Ever since I was a kid I would go to the beach everyday with Dad; that’s what we did and still do together. If the waves were too big, I would sit on the shore and watch him until one day I got sick of watching and made an oath to surf with him no matter what! I knew I would be safe even in the most challenging situations because dad was there. He has taught me almost everything I know and inspires me to love life everyday.

This video below, captures perfectly the essence of the photo hanging in my old bathroom.

Another cool video can be found on surf photographer Ryan Tatar's blog, Shakas and Singlefins (I love his photos and his blog). Belinda Baggs can be spotted at the 1:24 mark. Looks like a beautiful film.


Tonight am headed to Serena Mitnik-Miller's art show at Mollusk Surf Shop. I am really excited about this. Will post about it next Friday.


I keep listening to this song.


Happy Father's Day to all you awesome Dads out there (I love you Dad!). Wishes for a happy weekend to everyone!


Mrs.French said...

Before this post I had no idea who Belinda is. Now thanks to you I know and the top photo makes me daydream about riding like Belinda too. I would call that a productive post.

Clare said...

Like Mrs French, I had no idea who Belinda was. What an enjoyable post Pineapple :)

Ryan said...

yeah u know i always tune in every friday. thanks for the props. wish I was going to mollusk sf too... take some pics for us...

jnichols959 said...

wow... distinctly different from Carissa Moore from your 5/23 post. the person in this vid (belinda?) has a distinctly feminine style and still clearly rips. l-o-v-e it.

i love that your surf stuff is all over the map :-D

i keep thinking about squeezing into jay's spare wetsuit and flailing around the santa cruz surf with him...

augustus said...

thanks Jamie, you and Serena have reminded me just how much I miss surfing. No surfing in Brooklyn.

Mick said...

Hi Jamie.. had to visit you after yours and love your blog too. Bindy is a classic isn't she? You should see her body surf, which I had the pleasure of doing while filming Musica Surfica.

Anyway, take care, and I'll be popping by regularly.