Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A unique compliment

I just walked over to Peet's coffee to get some fresh air and a hot drink. The nice folks that work at Peet's always have interesting hairdos, tattoos and adornments. The young fellow that helped me was no exception.

Jamie: Hi, I'd like a small soy chai latte.

Peet's cashier: OK, your name? (I tell him). So how is your day today? It's windy out there huh?

Jamie: Yes, really windy! My day is pretty good, thanks! (I smile)

Peet's cashier: You have really nice teeth.

Jamie: (taken aback) Oh gosh, thanks. I haven't heard that in years, that's nice of you to say.

Peet's cashier: Well I really notice when someone has long incisors and they're very nice. (Stares at my teeth)

Jamie: (taken aback again) Well that's interesting, I didn't realize mine were long. Thank you.

Peet's cashier: Yeah, I'm really into vampires.

Jamie: (what to say...) So, are there any great vampire books out there besides the Anne Rice novels?

Peet's cashier: Yeah I have the Vampire Dictionary. It's this thick.

Jamie: Wow, sounds cool. Well have a great day!

Peet's cashier: Thanks, you too!

Next time you see me, don't be afraid. I'm not going to bite. Or am I? Ha haha Ha!

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missmobtown said...

hah! I wonder what *his* latte looks like.