Monday, March 31, 2008

Jamie's March favorites

1. Fun Easter brunch at Mom's (mmm, her crepes!)
2. Jay's birthday dinner (I made this)
3. Ventura - the surf contest, and morning coffee on the beach with Jay and the dog
3. Santa Cruz with Jay (we ate here)
4. Going to the gym with Mom (a few times each week!)
5. My first Zumba class
6. Voice acting class
7. Dinner at NOLA with my boss and coworkers
8. The Hills premiere with Jess and a bottle of red wine (funny recaps here)
9. Goofing off with Dad on the phone
10. Tea at the Ritz
11. Watching an octopus eat a shark (shivers)
12. Watching Rock of Love on Sunday nights (I won't say who watches it with me)

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