Monday, December 10, 2007

...said Jamie Watson, 39.

Willie the Squirrel. Watson Christmas card 2006.
Photo by Jay Watson

Well golly, I was quoted in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune! Shutterfly referred me to the reporter there, as it was an article on Christmas cards and letters, and our Christmas card last year was considered "unique"!

So, here is the article and darnit, now you're all going to know that we make fun of Christmas letters. But please keep sending them, we love it all, honestly. You can make fun of us, too. I mean, who ever heard of a Christmas squirrel?!


Jessica said...

I silently breathed a sigh of relief that I've never had the time, energy or inclination to write one of those Christmas letters! Of course your card is unique, hello two amazing artists sending out a card together!

Jessica said...

I must add, the pressure is on for your sophomore effort! :)

Andrea said...

I must and Jay do create the most "creative" cards! I would have to say that although I love the card with Willie on it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hula Girl card.

Ana said...

hi jamie,
i JUST saw this article...and love your quote! happy holiday!
- Ana

kate said...

How fun that you got quoted for the willie card! Yes, we had the card up for months too and probably still have the card somewhere. I agree with Jessica that it will be hard to top yourselves after the hula card and willie :)