Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh, apple!

Oh apple, I love you apple! Pink lady apple, so crisp and delicious. My stomach always feels great after I eat you. Thank you, beautiful apple.

One of my favorite scenes from the film, Into the Wild is when Chris McCandless is talking to his apple while eating it. "You're so organic! You're sooo good! You're the apple of my eye"!

Do apples remind you of the holidays? Me neither. But let's briefly discuss this upcoming holiday season. I want everyone to feel goooood. I want there to be no stress for any of you! It can happen. Usually I get very stressed during the holidays and I specifically told myself this year not to. I listened to myself. I listened real good. And I always say, I am an average person, experiencing the things that everyone does. So if I can do it, that means you can.

No stress. Apples.


Clare said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Ive put a post on my blog that doesnt have any words. It just sums up what makes me happy. A cup of steaming hot english breakfast tea.

No Stress.

missmobtown said...

oh apples. I could go on and on about the loveliness of apples. I like them as a de-stressor, too. I always eat them sliced, because I don't like to bite into them. Have you read Michael Pollan's essay on apples from The Botany of Desire? It's fascinating, and here is the beginning »

Danimal said...

Have you read Neruda's poem, Ode to an Apple?

Here is the English translation.


You, apple,
are the object
of my praise.
I want to fill
my mouth
with your name.
I want to eat you whole.
You are always
fresh, like nothing
and nobody.
You have always
just fallen
from Paradise:
rosy cheek
and perfect!
to you
the fruits of the earth
so awkward:
bunchy grapes,
plums, and submerged
You are pure balm,
fragrant bread,
the cheese
of all that flowers.
When we bite into
your round innocence
we too regress
for a moment
to the state
of the newborn:
there’s still some apple in us all.
I want
yotal abundance,
your family
I want
a city,
a republic,
a Mississippi River
of apples,
and I want to see
gathered on its banks
the world’s
united and reunited
in the simplest act we know:
I want us to bite into an apple.