Friday, December 07, 2007

A happy show

the view from my studio
from l to r: artists Kalani Engles, Sean Smith, Jess Nichols of Rosina Red, Jay Watson

my studio

A surprise visit by good friend, Wendy Oropeza

Oh did we have fun last Saturday. I think we are still recovering from the scurrying and preparations and late nights, and this weekend isn't here a moment too soon. Thank you to all who came to visit and to those who wanted to be there and asked about the show. I feel the show was a success, even though we didn't have the coverage and traffic that goes with Silicon Valley Open Studios. We all sold something which is wonderful, but the best part to me is the process. Making new art, meeting new people, talking about my work, hanging out with the other artists and eating their snacks - this is what brings joy to me.

Our next show will be in the Spring and we are going to have a meeting about having it be a green show. We'll incorporate using recycled materials in our artwork and print our own flyers on recycled paper...I am already excited about it!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Remember, if you feel stress, stop and take a moment for yourself. Ask for a hug. Make a cup of cocoa, snuggle under a blanket to read and daydream and doze off. Life isn't a dress rehearsal. Make your moments count, now.


Jessica said...

Thank you for documenting this event for everyone Jamie.

Andrea said...

Looks like your show was a success! I am sorry that I couldn't be there however, I was pleased to see that Wendy made it out :-). Let's definitely get together in the New Year!