Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursday evenings

During the warm months, San Carlos has a Farmer's Market each Thursday evening on Laurel Street. Last night after work, my Mom and I walked downtown and met my wonderful friend Ana there. Jay and Devo surprised us by showing up later.

We sampled lots of tasty delights, like Afghan spinach bread with a topping of cilantro pesto, some really good cinnamon bread, and amazing nectarines. My Mom couldn't wait to show us how long the lines were for the truck with the whole roasted chickens. She thought that $11.50 was too expensive because it's more than Draegers even! We agreed but pointed out that $6.50 was pretty good to spend for dinner on a 1/2 chicken that comes with potatoes.

The fruit at this market is better than what you can get at Whole Foods, and it lasts in your fridge up to a week longer.

I might need to cancel my fruit and vegetable box for the summer as this is too much fun and accomplishes the same thing, which is: getting healthy food for my family and in turn, supporting the local farmers.

Oh yes, I purchased the Afghan bread with pesto topping and the amazing nectarines.

The berries in Ana's photo were sold by a woman who topped off each box of berries with about 1/2 a box of more berries. She did this for Ana, me, and my Mom, with a straight face and a heart of pure generosity. It stood out big in this world. You can have nice days, hard days, days filled with all kinds of things, but the woman who filled your basket with extra berries will stay in your mind and encourage you to be the same way.


Jess said...

Sigh. What a lovely image -- free, extra berries in what feels like a $9.99/lb. berry world.

Ana said...

i had a great time with you both! can't wait to do it again!