Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big weekend

Friday eve at the de Young with Catherine & Daniel

Saturday surfing at the Hook (41st in Capitola)

Saturday night concert - English Beat at the Catalyst

My step-dad Tim and my Mom at Sunday's Mounted Patrol Crab Feast

Shack Rider of Woodside


Clare said...

Shack Rider of Woodside! This has made me giggle and giggle and giggle

Clare said...

This is my favourite blog posting of yours so far. I award you a bloggie! whatever that is.

Joe Reifer said...

How do I get hooked up with Shack Riders gear?

Bill Boese said...

i am so jealous i am a HUGE english beat fan

kate said...

woe, you DID have a big weekend! how were the crabs?? king or blue? please tell me not stone crabs :) I also love the shack rider shirt and concept. i'm now really curious what that means and have a lot of potential images running through my head.