Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A conversation at Peet's

I ordered an Africano and the barista told me I "stole someone's drink", explaining that this is a drink another customer usually orders. This prompted Andy to ponder, "What if they had a drink or food named after Jamie Welsh"?

Andy: So what would the 'Jamie Welsh' be?

Me: It would be tropical fruit like pineapples and mangos, freshly cut at that moment - no fruit laying around in a cup all day. It would be served in a hollowed out papaya. What would yours be, Andy?

Andy: I don't know, but it would be an extremely large quantity.

Happy Birthday Andy!


Clare said...

The Clare Franceschini would be a decaf heavy on the milk and chocolate. Im a sweet tooth

missmobtown said...

The Mobtown Drip: a no-frills large, black drip coffee, drunk straight up with no intereference from milk, sugar, foam, powders, flavorings, or accompanying foodstuffs.