Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where am I?

Besides my watch and earrings, this is what I found on my nightstand, in my hotel room this morning:

- bottle of water (thank god)
- a used pack of playing cards from Hooters (gag gift for someone)
- a glowstick
- lipgloss tin (new) given to me by a bathroom attendant (to whom I gave a $1. tip)
- a receipt for $16 for one (ONE) red bull & vodka

How late did the red bulls and vodka allow me to stay up? 5AM. A first, for me.

p.s. Follow up from Jay's sister, who is studying to become a nurse...Red bulls and vodka are apparently very bad for your kidneys, as they have to work twice as hard to process the alcohol and caffeine. Thanks lil' Mo.


Jess said...

Oh my god, my dear Jamie is really in Vegas. LOL!!!

Clare said...

Wooohoooo You party animal.

Get to Kahunaville. :)

missmobtown said...

I want to hear ALL about the star trek bar.