Saturday, April 21, 2007

Running for election circa 1985

Jamie Welsh running for PUBLIC RELATIONS
Jr. Class

Hi! I'm Jamie Welsh and I'm running for Public Relations. First, I'd like to explain what a public relations officer does. Her job is to promote enthusiasm, spirit, and excitement to her classmates. She advertises for different things like activities, fund raisers, and bake sales. She makes announcements, and helps her fellow officers with anything they might need.

This may not sound like a very important job but it really is. We need more spirit and enthusiasm in our school and in our class and I think I am capable of promoting this.

I am open-minded and am always making suggestions and I feel that I get along really well with my classmates, faculty, and moderators; (pause) which is extremely important to be an officer.

Although we didn't have a public relations officer last year, I really think we need one for our Junior Year especially with Intramurals, fund raisers and PROM coming up. I have been in the Spanish club and Spirit club for the past two years and I've been in many committees.

I really feel I am capable of doing a good job. So remember - vote for me - Jamie!

I vividly remember making this speech to my classmates and how my voice was trembling. I tried to get out of doing the speech because I was the only one who ran for PR officer in my class that year. The powers that be at SSA made me do it anyway. I think I held some pretty good bake sales.

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Jess said... awesome that you saved this. Go Jamie! Go Jamie! I will vote for you now. Jamie for PR!