Friday, January 02, 2009

Surf Fridays!

Hopefully today is a rather quiet one for you, a smooth and mellow start to the new year. Thinking that might be the case, I chose a longer clip, from 1965's surf documentary, Stop the Wave, I Want to Get Off . It's definitely an entertaining one with some pretty big waves.

"Surfers purchase these custom-built island rovers, stall at the surfing beach of their choice and then wait for King Neptune to kick up a few waves."

I hope you are all having a great day. It's raining here where I live and I'm going to jot down my goals for 2009 and make some Chicken Lime Soup. It's such good stuff, I'll share the recipe with you, and my goals too - see you soon.

Oh, and here's to King Neptune kicking up some great waves for us all throughout the year.

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Jessica said...

I made a list too. I always make lists in my head but this year I am going to make lists out of my head in order to free up my brain for more and more creative things.

I look forward to your list, your recipe and many happy moments shared with you this year.