Monday, January 12, 2009

Beach game

Happy day to you!

Our fun cousins came to visit us from Lake Tahoe and my Mom and I took them for a girls day at the beach. They went from 12 degree weather to 65 degrees within a matter of a few hours. We stopped at Jeff Clark's shop and he was in San Diego shaping boards until the next big swell comes in. They say the Mavericks contest just might be this week.

Down the road, Miramar is a nice beach to set your sights on for awhile and we did just that.
We noticed a man using a large stick to draw a design in the sand. There was a little boy waiting at the top of the design and when the man completed his drawing at the water, he yelled for the little boy to "GO!" The boy then proceeded to run and follow every inch of the curvy lines until he got to the end, where there was a small welcoming committee to cheer hoorays for him.

Isn't that the coolest?


Holy cajoles - thank you Joseph!!


Joseph said...

So poignant! I love this and Surf Fridays, PineappleLuv is great. Thanks for the kind words about surf cookies and Jenny's earring's and art.

Dyan said...

Fun times! I always love, love, love your pictures of the beach and the ocean!

Jessica said...

This is the raddest game ever. Fully plan to institute this one on my next Beach Tuesdays with Jaden. Which was supposed to start again today but alas, the little lad has a cold.

Clare said...

I second what Jess says. What a cool person to be that creative and make that game up.

Ana said...

These photos are awesome! And, I LOVE that story. I want to do that with my kids someday. :)