Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A week in yearbooks - 8th grade

Madisonville Jr. High. 8th grade. I dug through my box of notes to find this:

My darling little flower bud! You know what I LOVE YOU!
Well aren't you proud of me, I wrote you a letter? Well how have you been?
Guess what I just got 25 cents from a rub check, aren't you happy for me?
Guess what else, you just sat down from reading your "part".
Goodie Goo Good my darling!
Mr. Pulling is pointing to his map.
We're going to have fun tonite. I hope me and David don't get in another fight.
Well I better give you this short little note.
Your Best Friend,
Chanda Pennington

P.S. I didn't draw that picture in my math notebook. I was just kidding you.


Jess said...

This is rad stuff. Love all the feathered hair!

missmobtown said...

you are so lucky, I could never get my hair to feather...