Monday, December 10, 2012

Pillar Point Birthday

The morning of my November birthday was spent on the coast.  I had the best bagel of my life at the hardware store in El Granada.  I highly recommend the "Low Card" - a toasted bagel with cream cheese, avocado, bacon and hot sauce.  Then we went to Pillar Point, which is where you can see Mavericks when it breaks.  I had a happy celebration with loved ones at my mom's house - each year I make the same request for pizza and my mom's cupcakes.  And to have a birthday card with little scribbles on it from Duke, well.  I sure do love being alive.


sulu-design said...

Happy belated birthday! You've got a wonderful life to be celebrating, and it's so nice to hear that you recognize that. Enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...


Glad to see the Luv is still around.

Get that kid salty!