Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jay Watson, Photographer, Moonwalker

Helloooo Canada! Have you already seen the Sears holiday commercial on TV? Did you notice the guy moonwalking at the 20 second mark? That just happens to be world famous photographer, Jay Watson. Here's the story -

I shot a video of my husband moonwalking while we were visiting Lake Tahoe earlier this year.  I put it on Vimeo and about a month ago, I got an email asking if Sears Canada could use the clip for their new holiday commercial.

I was pretty sure they wanted to use it because Jay was shoveling snow and we all know that Sears sells shovels and that it snows a ton in Canada.  No.  "Our team searched hundreds of hours of home movies and personal videos to find moments with true spontaneity, fun, and a joyful spirit".

You may be wondering, what does Jay have to say about his TV debut?  "I never thought that practicing the moonwalk in middle school would lead to this moment".


Rebecca Olive said...

Yeah, Jay! Awesome skillz! (Yep, I thought it deserved the z).

sulu-design said...

Totally and completely awesome!