Monday, March 19, 2012

Featured on Quality Peoples Spring Summer Collection

Those are my toes and my surfboard on a beautiful Quality Peoples t-shirt
modeled by Ana Paula Pena Mejia

That's Ed Fladung on the right, co-creator of Quality Peoples, wearing the Toes shirt. He's with Kurt Narmore of Hand Me Ups, also wearing a Quality Peoples T.

One of my photos is featured on a Quality Peoples t-shirt, for their Spring Summer 2012 collection. I am beyond stoked. I am wearing one right now. The softness and quality is sublime. My husband wears one as well. Find out what cool stores are stocking this collection.

In the words of the QP creators:

Quality Peoples takes cues from contemporary art, street culture, Mexican folklore, Hawaiian surf history, and the places that shape our lives. Quality Peoples started in 2010 as an art collaboration between two friends in foreign lands.

We support PEACE, a non-profit organization that supports rural communities in Nayarit, Mexico. For every t-shirt you purchase, we fund one afternoon of after-school programs for a child.


Hye Tyde said...


Gretchen said...

Oh Yeah! That is wonderful! I must have one. Let me know how I can purchase it. Maybe I can be as cool as you when I grow up.

Shari said...

Jamie! Remember how much I loved this when saw it during our visit?? I would have bought it just because it's YOUR toes, but after reading about the program they support, I wanna buy one even more!

Do you know when I can get one online? I didn't see it any of the online stores they have listed on their site.