Monday, November 01, 2010

Seamouse in Bondi

Tamarama Beach

Keiron Lewis captured this beauty after a bodysurfing sesh - just a 5 minute walk from his home in Bondi.

Hi Keiron, I was wondering what took you to Oz from England and how long you think you and your wife will live there.

After getting married my wife and I wanted to travel and live somewhere different before settling down into the big mortgage and starting our family. The UK is really suffering at the moment so it seemed like the ideal time.

I've just been sponsored by an Australian Company so we can stay here now until August 2014. I've no idea if we'll stay that long but at the moment we couldn't be happier.

Is there anything that amazes/surprises you about Australia that you were not expecting?

We are lucky enough to see whales swim past our apartment from our window. Even though I've seen quite a few now it's still amazing every time.

I bet you get to surf a lot more often?

Yeah, loads more! I get in most mornings before the crowds hit. Back in the UK my local was very fickle with wind and tide and the crew there have to know it well to surf as much as they do. Here it's almost on tap and I found it really hard to adjust to that. I still put my wetsuit on as fast as possible as if the waves could die off at any second.

And what do you miss most from home in England, besides family and friends?

Being an ex colony Australia is still pretty english and you can get hold of Heinz beans, Twinings Earl Grey, etc with ease.

In the winter though I really missed a proper Sunday roast and I know my wife misses UK fashion. It sounds awful but I do get cravings for Marks and Spencer sandwiches!

I wonder if some of your wetsuited character drawings will change at all from living in Oz.

Yeah, I've already found myself doodling them in shorties and board shorts as well as still suited up and lost on a sun drenched beaches. The winter here is longer than you'd think though and although they'd be summer suits back in england the fullsuit is still worn by most Aussies.


Thank you Keiron! It sure sounds like you are doing great.

Please check out Seamouse's drawings and music loves on his blog, Pinniped. He's also involved in designing T-Shirts for Rake, Almond and keep your eye out for the upcoming T's he'll have with Wellen.


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