Friday, February 12, 2010

Surf Fridays!

The Mavericks contest is ON. Saturday, February 13. This is something that I get really excited about and this video just pumps up that excitement for me. Of course that was a 15 foot day and contest day will be 30-40 feet, up to 50 foot faces.

This was the first year they had the contestants vote on whether the contest got the greenlight or not. 17 out of 24 voted yes this week. The swell is coming from a different direction than normal, so it could be more dangerous than usual out there. This article explains a little more about what the conditions should be like. And here is the heat selection.

Another super exciting thing is that Jay might get to be on a boat tomorrow shooting the contest. Of course the demand (number of photogs) outweighs the supply (space on boats) so we are crossing our fingers right now. I'll let you know what happens!

UPDATE: 7:35am Saturday morn - Jay is on the boat!

I go to yoga a couple of nights a week and there's a guy named Drew who's in my class - last night he told me that he's a tow-in driver at Mavs. He practiced with some of the guys who flew in earlier this week. He told me that Jack O'Neill's grandson is a big wave surfer and flew in from Kauai. Drew is going to be a back-up driver tomorrow and also do rescue if needed. I asked him if yoga helps him feel stronger for driving the jet ski and he thought for a moment and then said, "Nah, you've just got to hang on"!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. You can watch the contest tomorrow here, it starts at 8:05am Pacific.


R said...

This is a cool vid. Looks like a fun day at sleigh rides but man lotta heads out there these days. Grab your biggest board, paddle out, and watch it from the channel, what I used to do. Have fun and tell everyone I said hello.

tres_arboles said...

It's supposed to be huge this weekend up here, and I'll be out on the coast prowling. 20 at 16 seconds should probably be 20+ at 20 or more by the time it hits your window down there. If there's a more visually stimulating viscerally exciting sport than surfing, I don't know what it is. The fact that we care so much to document the activity as closely as we do, integrating the latest technology to do so as Willem does with the gopro camera, is testament enough. Is there anything cooler than the sound of your stick slashing across the face of a wave? I don't think so.

Have a good weekend and happy valentines day.


jnichols959 said...

you know how to sell it jamie! we'll be bringing the family :-D

Tom Veiga said...

Good, Very Good video...

Stephen said...

Hi Jamie

thanks a stack for this treat - your site is tops