Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth, I Love You

All photos by Aldo Tonnoir

Oh Great Earth, I love you and need you! You took such good care of me this past weekend. I took a trip with Jay to glorious Big Sur and the grandness of her nature rendered me utterly happy and peaceful. Soon I was soon firing all 6 cylinders again. How can I repay you? I want to do something for the ocean, I feel like that will be a lifelong calling. I am not sure what yet though.

Friday I start my new plan of walking to work, a couple of times per week. It is only 3 miles one way. Darnit, I just noticed that I am drinking a Calistoga sparkling water out of a plastic bottle. My Sigg bottle with filtered water is good enough. I don't need to contribute more plastic to our landfills. I will try harder with just a little more awareness and a positive feeling.

I thought you might like these old school photos of Eddy Merckx and other cyclists between the years 1969 - 1979. They come from a book we have called The Fabulous World of Cycling. Pretty bad ass, aren't they?

And just for kicks, remember to turn off the lights and shower with a friend.


Maggie said...

Shoot--I only work 2 miles from home. I have to go in by 7:30 though [eeek!] i'd have to use my bike if it came to it...come on summmmmmmer!


Joe said...

Rrrr, the Cannibal! Nice work on the earth day resolutions, I'm trying to re-use more. 3 miles sounds like a lovely bike ride to me, it might be beach cruiser time!

tres_arboles said...

Ach, Joe beat me to it, but you gotta love an athlete whose nick is "The Cannibal." Authentic bad- ass. I love cycling and have come late (like most Americans) to the sport of cycling through the adventures of Mr Armstrong. Unfortunately like Surfsister, a life of hard athletics has destroyed my knees and I can barely get out for a 30-miler anymore. Happy Earthday and thanks for the pics.

Jess said...

I'm glad you're back up to six cylinders Jamie.

Clare said...

I really enjoyed these photos. I am trying to be a much better recycler. Nowadays we have more recycling than reg. trash. Is that a good thing? hmmm

Anyway, I am happy that you are firing on 6 cyclinders again too!

Fries and tea,


ashley said...

ha! i am going to use your "turn the lights off and shower with a friend" that is classic, how have i never heard it before?

Mariss said...

It sounds like you had a restful and wonderful trip! It always helps to take time off and come back feeling refreshed or back to your creative self.

Good for you on making these improvements :) I started riding my bike to work last July (only 2 miles ;) and I LOVE it. It's much more refreshing in the morning than the good ole 48 bus.

Have a great weekend!

Surfsister said...

Love me some Eddy Merckx!! People can say what they want about Lance, but Merckx was and is the man!

Candi said...

Such great pics! Good for you for making such big changes :)

Toddy said...

Didn't Merckxx Smoke and drink like a wild man in his down time. A true athlete if you ask me. None of this training all the time stuff.