Monday, March 30, 2009

The Present in San Francisco

On Saturday night Jay and I went to see the hottest new surf movie in town, The Present. When you've got a sold out crowd in a cool old theater, director Thomas Campbell, live music by the Mattson 2 and Tommy Guerrero, and a giveaway of a Tom Wegener alaia... you have the recipe for a fantastic evening.

Before we go any further, I want to mention my blog friend Seamouse, a very talented artist and surfer who lives in the UK. I had seen a comment he left about the film on 70percent, lamenting that he's 4,000 miles away so he'll have to wait for DVD. Right then and there I wanted to include him somehow. Seamouse, this evening was dedicated to you!

Stumbled into guitarist Jared Mattson before the show. He was about to go put on his suit.

Hey Jared, how's it going? The last time we saw you guys play was at the John Colins Lounge and remember that drunk lady was yelling that you guys needed to go on tour? And somebody else yelled, "They've already been to Japan!"
"Oh yeah that was funny. That lady lives across the street. She's always like that."
We're looking forward to hearing you guys play tonight.

The historic Victoria Theater seats 480. It's pretty old looking in there. No wonder, it's San Francisco's oldest operating theater.

The music sounded great with Tommy Guerrero rounding out the Mattson 2 sound. They are so tight! The whole crowd was loving it.

It's too bad Seamouse won't be able to see this film on the big screen. I think he'd really dig it.

It was a huge honor for us to stand next to Dale Webster, the only man on our planet to have surfed every single day since Sept. 3, 1975. Respect.

Hi Dale, we loved learning about you in Step Into Liquid. How many days is it now?
"12, 223."
Wow. Dale, you are an inspiration. How is your daughter doing? I remember her in the film, having her own record of perfect attendance at school.
"She is doing so well, she recently graduated from college and got married in January. It was beautiful."

To see Dale's 4 minute scene in Step Into Liquid, go here and forward to the 19:33 mark.

San Franciscan Tommy Guerrero, skater, artist, musician - a real renaissance man.

Hey Tommy, we have two of your CDs and love them.
"Oh, thanks a lot".
(Jay) You skating any of the new parks?
"Well my knee is bothering me, but yeah when it gets better I will."
Hey man, I've got no shame, I ride fully padded.
(Laughs) "I've got no shame either."

Drummer Jonathan Mattson next to shaper and surfer, Michael Junod. Michael was featured in the Africa portion of the film. He and Al Knost traveled old school style, wearing suits.

Michael, you look great in a suit!
(Laughing) "Thank you! I think I've only worn it one other time."
We loved watching you ride in the film. What was that green board you were riding?
"That was a 7' single fin, one of my favorite boards."

Hey Jonathan, did you guys have a great time in Brazil?
"Oh yeah, and I had the best night's sleep at Jair's place. I don't know what it was, but it was just one of the best night's sleep I've ever had."
Jair is so great. We've got his art for the auction, and Seamouse is an artist in the UK and just sent his work as well. You're gonna love all the pieces coming in.
"Oh wow, really? That's great. We'll make the auction happen right before we leave for Japan."

Mr. Thomas Campbell, the man of the hour. What a nice guy and one heckuva talented person.

Hi Thomas, we took that class from you at RVCA.
"Oh yeah, I remember you guys."
We loved this, this and this about your film. It soothed my soul when we could just hear the sound of the waves. Would you mind if we took a photo for our friend Seamouse in the UK? Have you seen his artwork - he is really good. Yeah, well he wishes he could see The Present on tour.
"Well he can! We are going to the UK in two weeks."
No way!
"Yeah! Have him check the website for the locations."

And there you have it. Seamouse, you *will* be able to see The Present on the big screen.


Santos SurfArt said...

Really good Jamie!
Too bad the movie and Thomas are not coming to Brasil...
Love for you guys,

Ramsnake said...

Got Sprout - so can't wait to see it!

seamouse said...

Haha, you guys are hilarious! Thanks Jamie, this totally made my day.

Jenny McGee said...

Oh my I'm so jealous!

Dustin Ortiz said...

great photo of the twins.
Love the out of focus and color

Q.Peeps said...

so wonderful! and personalized! yay Jamie! so psyched. now, if we can ask Mr. Campbell to bring The Present to Mexico. now that's challenging.

awesome work!

rebeccajane said...

What a thoughtful thing to do! Jamie, you're very sweet!

Gypsy Alex said...

oh I wish I had gone! My husband was tired from the stressful work week so we bailed ;( It was fun to see your recount! xo

ashley said...

how good ar surf films in old theaters? the best.
i feel a little ripped off though- no surfboard giveaway at newport. and no junod, which is even more of a bummer. i am so jealous you got to meet him, i am semi-obsessed with my junod pumpkin seed!

Jessica said...

You are rad for doing this post for Seamouse. I kind of want to play along somehow. Hey Seamouse, do you want to go to my kid's class play in May? ;)

NiegĂ  said...

Seamouse will probably be able to watch The Present (and plenty of other surf movies) on a big screen at the this coming June. That is if he wants to.



Dyan said...

Aww, you're such a sweetie - loved this post!

Surfy Surfy! said...

Best blog post ever?

Ryan said...

this was classic jamie. you and seamouse both rule.

Flying said...

great blog and funny too !
i added you to our friend list.
you can check it out at (it's a small independant surfshop and art galery in the north of spain)