Thursday, February 28, 2008

When doves fly

I went to my studio last Sunday, intending to work. And do you know what I did? Nothing. I sat there and read a long article about Grace Kelly. I wasn't too hard on myself, though. Sometimes it is good to just be in my space.

Recently Jay took some photos of recent work that I showed in December. I'll post a couple every now and then. The doves prints are small, probably about 5x9. I was thinking about flags and different countries. I used gold ink, which is not as easy to use as other colors as it has a dry and somewhat flaky texture to it.

There was one more dove, which I left in New York. I don't know if anyone found it, but it's time to leave a new piece in San Francisco.


Jessica said...

Maybe you did nothing on the outside, but I can't wait to see what seeds were planted subconsciously on Sunday!

missmobtown said...

Dig if you will the picture.

Hey, you should check out my friend Heather's Cracks in the Pavement project. I think it is now defunct. I participated in the 2005 show. I think it would jibe nicely with your ideas about lost and found art.

sulu-design said...

Lovely birds - I like the flaky gold paint. Yay for another art posting. Will you photograph your chosen spot?