Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Surfing: The perfect antithesis to working in an office

I am always concerned about the amount of time I spend sitting in a chair staring at a computer. I have made several visits to a chiropractor to help with shoulders that have started to hunch forward. I have gained unneccessary weight due to the sitting (uh, and laziness when I get home), and I hate the lack of fresh air.

I went surfing on Sunday. I noticed how great I felt arching my back on the board, stretching my arms to their full capacity while paddling, feeling cold water running through my hands, and generally grinning the entire time. I realized that this was the perfect antithesis to working in an office.

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j dub said...

Hey Pinapple,
I thought I saw you drop-in on a wave this weekend at Pacifica. The waves were small but it looked like you were having fun. Hope to see you out there again soon!

keep paddling,